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RJ Stokley's Commitment

my purpose

With the ever growing concerns facing our teens, adults and veterans over their management of anxiety and depression, I hope to introduce them to Experiential Horsemanship.  Participants will learn hands-on skills which supports traditional ground techniques to learn ways to cope and heal.  We have rescued several horses, who now help children and teens maneuver life's challenges. Horses are known for their therapeutic ability to emmulate human emotions. With the proven methods of Experiential Learning techniques, students will be able to understand the horse's body language, which in turn will make them aware of their present mood and how to alter their perceptive behaviors.  Our ultimate goal is for our children to be one with nature and live happily in the moment.  

Sessions will be offered for anyone above the age of 12 to get outdoors and reconnect in nature.


The course consists of 4 or 5 two hour sessions based on your comfort level around horses and scheduled with Rosanna.


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it's Therapeutic


Loss of a Loved One

Parental Separation

Deployed Parent


Bullied by Peers

Social Media Scrutiny

School Workload


Substance Abuse



Trouble Socializing








How to help

We are scheduling a variety of Celestial Acres Experiences and Photo Sessions to launch our efforts to start up the therapeutic program called Equine Experience.  Funds need to be raised for training and to set up the barn and property to run the experiential lessons.  Here are ways you can help!

  • Contribute with a donation by sponsoring.

  • Schedule a Photo Session.  

  • Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount, where all proceeds will go towards our efforts.  

  • Pre-Book or Gift a Photography Session.

  • Sponsor a Farm Pal or Buddy.

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