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 Honey Bee Suite

Bee Experience


Embracing the Buzz: The Health and Environmental Benefits of Resting Above the Bees


“Imagine stepping into a space that’s a hive of activity – literally!” exclaims Graham Eldred, founder of Bee Productive.  “Picture resting and rejuvenating above a buzzing bed of pollinators.” These aren't just whimsical thoughts, but progressive ideas that are transforming our interactions with nature and bringing surprising health and environmental perks.


The Tranquil Power of Resting Above Bees


Researchers and therapists around the world are discovering the surprising benefits of an unlikely restful retreat – napping above active beehives. This distinctive therapy merges elements of gentle vibro-massage, ionization of air quality, aromatherapy, and soothing sound therapy, all in one buzzing bundle.


The delicate vibrations generated by the bees' wing fluttering can function as a calming vibro-massage, having a positive effect on the nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems. The gentle hum of the hive, combined with the micro-massaging effect, induces a state of self-healing and balance. Moreover, the pure, ion-rich air exuded by the hive works wonders for your respiratory system and aids in reducing harmful free radicals in your body.


Europeans have been sleeping in such an environment for years, and experience a calming effect on the mind. The fragrant medley of nectar, honey, and propolis wafts through the air, creating a soothing atmosphere conducive to peaceful sleep. Our Honey Bee Suite patrons have said, “The persistent humming of bees and slight vibration of the bed triggered a mild meditative state and put me into a deep sleep,” which then stimulates your body's own healing rhythms.  “I woke up within an hour feeling refreshed.”


Beekeepers and enthusiasts have reported a plethora of benefits, ranging from relief from respiratory ailments and rheumatic issues to stress reduction and better sleep quality. This harmony of physical and emotional wellbeing and improved productivity is an invaluable outcome of this unique approach to therapy.

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Bee-ing Mindful


While the idea of sharing your workspace or sleeping area with bees might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's hard to ignore the array of health and environmental advantages.  To clarify, the bees are enclosed within the hive beneath a bench which is accessible from the outside.  The bees are not inside with you.  This concept goes beyond just sharing space with bees – it's about embracing healthier living, bolstering ecological stability, and redefining our relationship with nature. Our tiny, buzzing allies could be the secret to developing healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. As we continue to explore the symbiotic bond between humans and bees, it's clear that this buzz is more than just a fleeting trend. It's a harmonious hum that's here to stay. 


Workplaces: Buzzing with Benefits


Think of a tranquil and efficient place with a touch of nature, where thousands of industrious little bees, are working alongside you. A revolutionary concept that marries functionality and apitherapy - the therapeutic use of bee by-products.


This next-gen workspace brings a breath of fresh, ionized air produced by our diligent companions, the bees. This air has been found to enhance healing, particularly for respiratory conditions. Add to this the soothing hum of bees hard at work, and you've got an environment that naturally alleviates stress, fostering better focus and productivity.


On the environmental front, this unique beehive structure plays a crucial role in safeguarding our invaluable bee populations. They provide a thriving habitat for bees, contributing to their conservation and ensuring their survival. And, of course, the sweetest reward of this eco-friendly venture is the delectable, fresh, local honey – a delicious testament to our commitment to nature.

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